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Concessus selected for stem cell move

Concessus was the company selected by Sanquin to operationalize a move of a stem cell container from Leiden to Amsterdam, in the Netherlands.

Sanquin is a non-profit institution responsible for the management of Dutch blood donations as well as advanced transfusion medicine. Recently the company decided to move its placental blood bank facilities from Leiden to Amsterdam and requested the expertise and experience of Concessus to arrange the transfer

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Rigel – new Concessus representation

Concessus is now the exclusive distributor in Portugal of Rigel, a company offering the best solutions in the field of contamination level monitoring and validation of clean environments.

If you are looking for integrated environmental monitoring systems, particle counters, biological samplers, microbial identification systems, HEPA filters testing or culture media, you can count on Rigel to provide you solutions that exceed your expectations regarding GMP compliance and monitoring technologies.

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World Marrow Donor Day

Concessus is proud to partner with World Marrow Donor Association (WMDA) in raising awareness of the World Marrow Donor Day (see www.worldmarrowdonorday.org), celebrated on September 15th. Following the first three years of successful celebrations of this special day, the world again will come together on the 3rd Saturday of September. The primary purpose is to thank all donors and highlight global cooperation in blood stem cell transplantation. On every

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