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Industry, Assays and Quality Control

Concessus includes in its product range solutions for plants research and biotechnology, stability, photostability and industrial testing.

We sell equipment for physical tests and climate simulation, developed to meet the specific needs of the major industrial sectors.

Concessus is integrated in a business group that has been in the market as a manufacturer of climate simulation equipment for over 30 years and has gained the experience and know-how that will assure you highly specialized monitoring and the offer of a wide range of standard chambers, as well as chambers that are built to suit your needs.

For the physical tests we represent a complete range of reference equipment for testing materials under tension, compression, bending, stretching and others, specific to each type of materials and responding to the main national and international standards, including standards NP, ISO, ASTM, EN, etc.

Highlighted: Aralab


Climatic chambers for biotechnology, stability and quality control


Universal ovens, incubators, climatic chambers, water and oilbaths


Salt spray chamber, corrosive cycle test chambers

Tinius Olsen

Tension and compression industry testing


Furnaces, high temperature furnaces


Quality control in textiles.


Tension meter and other measuring and control devices.

Kern & Sohn

Scales and approved weights.


Equipment for testing textiles.


Systems for determination of residual stresses and birefringence in glass, plastic and other translucent materials.


Laboratory balances, electronic and mechanical pipettes


Thermostatic baths

Sentek Dynamics

Equipment for vibration tests


Thermographic cameras specialists


Gloss meters and other equipment for paint and other coatings assays


Light stability and weathering testers