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In Concessus we develop, commercialize and provide services to technical, scientific and laboratory equipment. We do not abdicate the evolving, we stregthened our operational resources and ways to communicate with our customers and answering to their needs.


A laboratory with high quality equipments.
Concessus works with several manufacturers and equipments among which we highlight some of the best known and used in the world of scientific and technological activities.


Experts in design of climatic chambers for research in plants and biotechnology, stability and photostability testing and environmental testing for industry.



At this point in its 3rd generation, Memmert develops and produces incubation ovens , CO2, among others. With the renowed german quality, bets in the following areas: biological, chemical and food research, human and veterinary medicin, materials testing and industrial components and tests to sophisticated production processes.


img_memmert                           img_memmert2


With german quality, Barkey develops and produces medical and laboratory equipments.
All Barkey equipments follow the rules implemented at national and international level.


The trust and great performance of Euroclone – Bioair, Contamination Control Equipments, are shown by the high number of installations in laboratories, hospitals and industries all over the world.


Unequivocal synonymous of quality, Cryocell is a technical cold brand owned by Concessus. Its products meet the highest quality standards and are supported by the technical support of a team of specialized professionals.
Cryocell range of equipments is formed by refrigerators and freezers with small dimensions for use in laboratories both and industrial and research up to walk-in conservation chambers of big dimensions for technical use with high effort.



Eppendorf / New Brunswick
Eppendorf Iberica has a multidisciplinary team formed by professionals with extensive experience in several areas. The products are used mainly in academic and commercial research around specially in the fields of pharmaceuticals and biotechnology through food and chemical companies, quality control laboratories, environmental analysis, forensics and clinical diagnostics.


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