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Blood Banks
Stem cells
Regenerative medicine

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Industry and QC

Climatic chambers and controlled environments
Material Testing and quality control
Heating / drying ovens

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Orbital shakers
Microbiological safety cabinets
Freezers and ultrafreezers

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Human regenerative medicine
Veterinary regenerative medicine

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Concessus S.A. obtains the status of PME Leader 2015

Once again, we are proud to share with our customers, partners and suppliers, that it was assigned to Concessus, the status of PME Leader 2015 by IAPMEI under the FINCRESCE program.

The PME Leader status is a stamp of reputed companies, created by IAPMEI to distinguish the merits of national SMESs with superior performance and is awarded in partnership with Turismo de Portugal and a set of partner banks

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Li-cor fresh seeded news!

Li-cor is a 45+ years experienced brand, market leader, specialized in developing systems and tools in environmental and climatic sciences field.

Li-cor devices, analysis software and reagents are recognized and used in more than 100 countries around the world!

In Portugal,  Concessus represents with pride and trust this brand that is distinguished in the market by uts quality, efficiency and continuous innovation.

Meet Li-cor’s equipment range:





LAI-2200 C uses

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