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New range of microscopes KERN & SOHN

For over 170 years, KERN & SOHN has been synonymous with high precision weighing and measuring technology. This claim is the driving force for the development of our microscope and refractometer ranges.

By working closely with you and our production partners, within 3 years we have developed a complete product range of high-quality microscopes and refractometers. Thanks to consistent customer focus paired with smart ideas and the latest available technology we are proud to be suppliers of high-quality, durable top microscopes and refractometers, which help you to be as efficient as possible in your daily work.

When developing our microscopes we have concentrated on the very best optical quality and have used only high-quality glass and the latest technologies to achieve this. The high-quality Philips halogen and modern LED illumination produce razor-sharp images with high contrast and which will impress you with their brilliant true-colour display – you must have noticed this yourself.


  • all mechanical parts have been designed for a long service life;
  • special attention has been given to the ergonomy of our microscopes, as this allows the user to work for several hours in a comfortable position which does not cause fatigue;
  • our microscopes are fully-equipped and can be used immediately.

For more information send an email to: geral@concessus.pt