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Li-cor fresh seeded news!

Li-cor is a 45+ years experienced brand, market leader, specialized in developing systems and tools in environmental and climatic sciences field.

Li-cor devices, analysis software and reagents are recognized and used in more than 100 countries around the world!

In Portugal,  Concessus represents with pride and trust this brand that is distinguished in the market by uts quality, efficiency and continuous innovation.

Meet Li-cor’s equipment range:

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LAI-2200 C uses a nondestructive method for easily and accurately measure the Leaf Area Index (LAI – LAI). One and only because of the advanced features that meet for its accuracy and easy to use.

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The LI-6400 XT portable photosynthesis system is the most referenced worldwide. The various options and the advantages that presents before similar systems on the market, make this device the ideal choice of the most respected researchers.

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Integrated, simple to use, with a design that makes it easy to carry, the Soil Gas Flux LI-8100 A, allows researchers from a variety of components available to design a custom setup application and their research needs.

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With over 40 years of experience in building light sensors, Li-cor is back to focus on the optimization of these tools for ecological, meteorological, solar energy, research plants and light measurements under water.