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Maintenance Contracts

Only with a maintenance contract that guarantees periodic maintenance, we can ensure total efficiency and safety of the equipments and their users, increasing the service life of your equipment and keeping the productivity of your company. In long run it will be proved that a maintenance contract is a successful investment.

Services Básic Standard Standard Plus Custom
1 Preventive maintenance We can customize a contract according to your requirements and needs.
2 Preventive maintenances
1 Corrective Intervention
Emergency plan Available for every option of maintenance contracts. Storage space assurance in different climatic situations, available 24/7 and 365 days per year.
1.We recommend two annual maintenance visits to equipments that are continuously in daily use.
2.Commercial discounts: 2-3 equipments 5%; 4-7 equipments 7,5%; 8 or more equipments 10%.
3.15% discount when buying parts to equipments under maintenance contracts.