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New range of microscopes KERN & SOHN

For over 170 years, KERN & SOHN has been synonymous with high precision weighing and measuring technology. This claim is the driving force for the development of our microscope and refractometer ranges.

By working closely with you and our production partners, within 3 years we have developed a complete product range of high-quality microscopes and refractometers. Thanks to consistent customer focus paired with smart ideas and the latest available

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STEMIX – innovative stemcell processing system

An innovative STEMIX stemcell processing system is about to reach your lab!
The Stemix cooling device allows a reproducible preparation and control of stem cells for cryopreservation purposes. It has a fully automated mixing function, processes 25 ml cryobags and can be used with either gravity-fed or injection-pumped cryoprotectant solutions. This device ensures that the cryoprotectant solution is mixed homogeneously, while cooling and stabilizing the temperature of the

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